About Julia

certified Nutritionist, Wellness Coach & Nervous System Recovery

Recovery has never felt so good!  My intense passion for alternative health began in Santa Monica, California just over thirty years ago!  


Before Functional medicine was a thing I was juicing, eating real food, and making major lifestyle changes to completely heal my Ulcerative Colitis. I have never suffered from it since! 


I knew if this could happen for me it could happen for others. I immersed my life in the study of nutrition and wellness, became a holistic nutritionist, and was mentored and trained by many local greats in Los Angeles. 


Before long I was rocking a private nutrition practice to movie and music industry celebrities. 

Fast forward thirty years and here I am in Jacksonville, Florida. I had ridden the wave of super good health for thirty plus years and was as shocked as anyone when I face planted with chronic illness.

I had mold toxicity, MCAS, CIRS, multiple food sensitivities(I was down to about 9 foods), infections of many types, viruses, horrific insomnia, severe anxiety, Lyme markers, and the list kept growing. 

Yup!  I had a heck of a perfect storm. I was unable to work for 2 years, could not take care of myself or my daughter who had undergone an intense 10 hour surgery, (every mother’s nightmare), and I had to move back to Kentucky, for my sister to help me with my precious girl and me.  

I face planted hard! I searched desperately for cures, only to have spent thousands upon thousands with no sustainable improvement until… God in his mercy showed me that my nervous systemlimbic brain had been injured. Huh?  Why? I was the organic, healthy girl!  I had lived a life of chronic stress that I never really acknowledged as an issue, I had gone through the loss of my husband’s ministry, divorce, my daughter’s scoliosis journey and surgery, single motherhood, going back to work full-time, and been exposed to severely high mold levels in my office, just to name a few.

My stress response in the autonomic nervous system was overloaded and pushed out of its window of tolerance, it was stuck in a hyper-vigilant state that kept me in fight or flight 24/7 for a long time.  This led to nervous system dysregulation/limbic system impairment that caused such a firestorm in my body, it did not know which way was up. Neither did I.


 I was led to an amazing specialist, who I have worked with for three years, who taught me the way of recovery! He is still using his skills to help many of my clients take the next steps in restoring from trauma and PTSD. I also used an online program called Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) as a complementary tool in retraining my limbic system.


You mean my body and brain did not have to be stuck in this state of dysregulation and chronic illness?  Nope!  It did not!!! The brain is neuroplastic and can change. The nervous system can repair, which ultimately led to my body and health being fully restored! 


One step and one trauma at a time I had to reset the nervous system stress response in my brain and body. I was given tools and freedom I never knew existed, until my storm face planted me and revealed a missing piece for me and for so many others.  It was work, and it was a process, but oh so worth every minute!  On this  journey, I have gained something new for the road ahead! It is my privilege to help others who are seeking to find their way back to wellness! 


I have been blessed to recover from my own illness and helped countless of others through a whole body approach and my 3R system: Reveal. Reset . Restore.