Holistic Wellness

Who utilizes nervous system regulation to help the whole person restore physically, emotionally, and spiritually from chronic conditions.


I provide the tools and support to equip the whole person to restore balance to their physical, emotional, spiritual, and nervous system health.


Together, let’s dive deeper….

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Hello, I am Julia

There is amazing health beyond life dominating symptoms! As a very healthy nutritionist of thirty years, I surprisingly landed into chronic illness that eventually resulted in full recovery.  I now have the joy of walking alongside others on their healing journey.


All of you matters!


Understanding the role of the Nervous system in chronic illness profoundly changed the speed and direction of my recovery.  And, my friends, it can do the same for you.

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Our health culture is so focused on the symptoms of illness and are missing very vital information that can lead you to a path of full recovery. 


I use a holistic approach to whole body wellness, which means I look at how all areas of your life are contributing to and impacting your health.  Together we dive into your physical, emotional, spiritual, and nervous system well- being. 


Utilizing 30 years of expertise in educating and mentoring people who recover from chronic conditions, I will walk alongside you as you develop self-care routines that nourish and restore your mind, body and spirit. 


Find the missing link that will help you
restore your health and no longer let your chronic symptoms control your life


You will receive 1:1 mentorship & care through each stage of your journey:


Establishing the foundation of balance, safety, and calm where recovery and restoration can begin.


Understanding and resolving the root cause of your symptoms and habits that have led to your perfect storm.


Re-integrating into life with fuller health and sustainable wellness. 

Thrive and embrace a peaceful pace that restores your life and wellness!

If you are ready to find a recovery path customized to you, click below to learn more about Julia’s services 

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Here's How I Can Help

Customized nutritional success plan that leads to food freedom  

Evaluating your recovery tools and fine tuning them so that they start to work for you.

Movement and release

Refine recovery strategies for those already in process, but stalled

Develop and integrate patterns of self care physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in the nervous system, that brings a sustainable pace.

Trauma recovery resources that bring freedom and restoration.

Maximize self - directed nervous system and limbic recovery.

Wellness community supports

Support and care in the places that are lacking

Reintegration strategies that mentor and support you as you move back into life and the things you love! 

Your nervous system can be the link to finding your path to full recovery and health where you can find hope, relief, and wellness from within.

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“You are not alone my friends.  There is recovery, support, and love, eager to meet you.” 
- Julia McRae.